June Class

We learned two new tunes this month.  The first is from Eugene resident, Stan Gonshorowski: My Dad’s Polish Wedding Waltz.  We also have a Scandinavian tune,  Schottisch fran Havero , to learn.

Hope you have fun with the new tunes,  Joe


May Class

We had a good class Saturday.  Ila Mae couldn’t be there to teach, but Amy volunteered and did a great job leading us.  We learned a new tune—Cat Out of the Bag.

While we were jamming after the teaching, three new tunes came up.  Two of them were from the basic fiddle class and one I had missed.  The tunes were:

Loggieville Two-Step

Marching Through Georgia

Royal Princess Two-Step

March Class

Hi All,

Had a nice class Saturday.  We learned Paddy on a Handcart.

Paddy on a Handcart was presented to the Oregon Old Time Fiddlers by Linda Danielson, who learned it from Wes Brunson of Milwaukie, Oregon.

February’s Class

Had our February class last weekend.  We reviewed:

Ragtime Annie
Walking Up Town
Night Booth Shot Lincoln
Oregon Fiddler’s Waltz
Harvest Home
John McPhee’s Homestead
Spotted Pony
Heaven’s Gate Waltz
Whistling Rufus
We had two new tunes.  The first was Brickyard Joe. 
Lisa introduced a tune called White Wings.

New videos

Colleen sent me links to a couple new videos.

2016 Weiser Parade

3 Christmas Tunes

December Class

We had a good class this weekend.  It was mostly a review of tunes and we also played some holiday tunes.


There were two tunes that came up that I hadn’t played before:

Hi-Lo Schottische

Heaven’s Gate Waltz


Hope you have fun with the new tunes!

October Class

Hi Everybody,

We’re going to be having our October class on Saturday.  We’ll be reviewing the following tunes:

Shove That Pig’s Foot and Nail the Catfish          G

Off to California          G

St. Anne’s Reel            D

Reinlander                    G
Rosin the Bow              G
Black Velvet Waltz      D
Liberty Two-Step        D
Father Kelly’s              G
Campbell’s Farewell   D
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss  D
After that we’re going to learn a new tune, Shoes and Stockings.   I haven’t recieved the official music yet, but that’s a version in G that you can practice up for the class.
Have fun,


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