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I’ve been wanting to start a blog for the members of our Fiddle Class. Our teacher has been generously teaching a basic and an intermediate free group classes to members of the Oregon Old Time Fiddlers for at least the three years I’ve been attending.  I really look forward to our monthly classes and have learned a lot!

Here’s a list of tunes and their sheet music.

Please let me know if you see any tunes I’ve missed entirely.  There’s also a page of tunes that I haven’t been able to find.

Also, this is my first time working with a blog.  If there are any people with design sense, send me some ideas about classing up the blog.






  1. Joe, I’m not sure this will work, but here goes. For some time now I’ve been playing along here in Scotland, learning some new tunes and loving the atmosphere of the classes. The videos are a wonderful resource. Attached is a DropBox link to a tune I wrote to say thank you to all the members of the group, for allowing me to play along with you.



    • graveljo says:

      Thank you so much, Peter! Your tune, Oregon Fiddlers’ Waltz, is lovely and I’d like to include it with the class tunes. Is that okay?
      We’ve recorded a version on piano if you’d like to hear it.

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying playing with us,


  2. Sherri Collister McDowell says:

    Hi I joined OOTFA in April. Because I live in Oakridge, 45 minutes away, I can’t come to the classes all the time. This blog is a great tool for me to still be able to learn. I open one window with the music notation and then the video if there is one. So I have two open windows and can see both the video and the notation! It is a huge help to me. Thanks for all of your hard work to help everyone learn who wants to!


  3. When and Where are these monthly classes held? I’d like to sign up. Thanks!


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