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May Class


We had a good class Saturday.  Ila Mae couldn’t be there to teach, but Amy volunteered and did a great job leading us.  We learned a new tune—Cat Out of the Bag.

While we were jamming after the teaching, three new tunes came up.  Two of them were from the basic fiddle class and one I had missed.  The tunes were:

Loggieville Two-Step

Marching Through Georgia

Royal Princess Two-Step



  1. Sue Ward says:

    Hi, love your news bulletins. I just received your latest one with the notes for Loggieville Two-Step. I’d like to give you some interesting information regarding that tune. It was written by a lady named Matilda Murdoch who lives in a special care home in New Brunswick. She wrote this piece when she was very young….I believe around 12 years old. She is now 96 and still plays the fiddle. She wrote many nice tunes.


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